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Did you know that renewable energy investment predicted to surge?

The IEA’s $7.4trn figure represents only 15% of the total investment in global energy supply by 2040

Energy is at the heart of widespread social, economic and politics of communities, countries regions and the globe at large.  Energy is the lifeblood of modern societies to drive growth and stimulate economic activity and any slump in its availability can hamper production process and growth. Growing concerns on climate change has shifted focus towards billions of investments to be made into the Renewable energy sector globally and in South Africa. In South Africa for example, total investment in wind and solar renewable energy plants was R82bn, with the banking sector, insurance companies, pension funds and international investors being the major funders. The outlook of energy investment seems to be both doom and gloom with both local and international contw sequences. The roll-out of renewable energy projects has heightened the importance of finance to get them off the ground, with many early projects mired in funding constraints and high costs. However emerging assets that managers are now more willing to allocate significant financial resources in a bid to support the government-driven renewable energy independent power producer procurement programme. This event aims to discuss the future of renewable energy investment in Africa and South Africa in particular.